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In iOS 18 the way to turn off the iPhone will be different |




The developer beta iOS 18 has introduced a new feature in the Control Center: a shutdown button located in the upper right corner. When you press it, the window appears with the sliding button to turn off the device, making this action easier with one hand, especially in situations such as being on the subway or the bus.

Although this change may seem minor, its usefulness is significant in simplifying the process of turning off the iPhone without having to navigate through Settings > General > Power off.


In addition to the shutdown button, iOS 18 features a completely redesigned Control Center, which is now more useful and customizable. The new design includes:

– Most used controls: For quick access to frequently used functions.


– Multimedia: Manage your music and videos efficiently.

– Connectivity: Manage network and device connections.


Users can customize these sections using a gallery of controls that displays all available options. It’s also possible to add third-party controls for specific tasks, such as unlocking the car or capturing content.

With these improvements, the Control Center in iOS 18 becomes a more powerful and adaptable tool to the needs of users. It is worth mentioning that for now this version of the operating system can only be accessed through the beta, given that the version for the general public will be launched in September, with the presentation of iPhone 16.


Via: Apple

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Author’s note: I don’t know what use it would be to put an off button in the settings, but I suppose it’s an alternative for people who get the physical button on their cell phone stuck.


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