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In Skyrim, the same NPC has had to die every day for 2.7 years, player celebrates the thousandth kill with a special event



Bridging the waiting time until a new game is released can sometimes be quite annoying and exhausting. One Skyrim player has set himself a very personal quest to spend this time with.

Many players have been waiting for news and, of course, the release of The Elder Scrolls 6 for years. In 2018, a 30-second trailer announced the new part of the game series. Since then, fans have had to wait for news again and again. In March of this year, the developers announced that The Elder Scrolls 6 was now actually playable.


So far, however, only the developers themselves are playing and players have to continue to be patient and bridge the time until the release. The player Sidek has become particularly creative and has been killing a certain NPC every day since 2021.


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Which NPC has to die every day? For 2.7 years, the player has had his eye on the NPC Nazeem, a Redguard in Skyrim. He lives in Whiterun in Skyrim and likes to boast at the market stalls that he “worked hard” for his position at the Jarl’s court.


In the Elder Scrolls community, Nazeem has become more or less a running joke for his arrogant attitude. Even his wife Ahlam seems to speak quite disparagingly of him. When you look for him, her answer is that the best place to look is “in the Jarl’s backside”.

The NPC is not exactly popular with the players. And Sidek makes him feel that every day.


How does the player kill him? Once a day, Sidek kills the NPC and then uploads it as a video to his YouTube channel. He likes to be creative in his methods. He has already gotten rid of Nazeem using various weapons and spells. Sometimes quietly and secretly from behind and sometimes he stands face to face with the NPC.

New milestone is celebrated with a Battle Royale

This week, the player reached a major milestone in his personal quest. He killed the NPC Nazeem for the 1,000th time. He celebrated this with a special event:


In his video for Nazeem’s 1,000th death, he shows how he lets loads of “Nazeems” fight against each other in a kind of battle royale until only one Nazeem remains. In the video, he then leisurely leaves the battlefield, leaving his lifeless doppelgangers behind.

You can watch the Battle Royale video yourself here:


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But as you probably guessed, Nazeem’s 1,000th death is not meant to end like this. The player summons a magical bow and kills the last surviving Nazeem with a well-aimed shot to the back.

Is the “quest” over now? For Sidek, the “quest” is still not over. The next day, the video for Nazeem’s 1,001st death followed and will continue until the release of The Elder Scrolls 6. Another player is also bridging the waiting time in Skyrim: Player reaches the highest level in Skyrim 13 years after release by casting the same spell for 43 hours

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