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In the endgame of The First Descendant you can get better loot by increasing the difficulty individually



The First Descendant is an upcoming loot shooter that will be released on July 2nd. A developer talk on YouTube now offers additional insights into the endgame content.

What is The First Descendant about? The game The First Descendant is a loot shooter that will be released on July 2nd as a free-to-play title on Steam and has already registered over 70,000 players in the beta. Your goal in the PvE shooter is to fight against the invaders in order to protect the continent of Ingris and the people who live on it.


The game not only offers a storyline, but also a lot of endgame content. In a video on YouTube, the developers of the Nexon Games studio discuss the endgame of the shooter. They show that players can make the game more difficult individually and that it can be really worthwhile.

You can see the trailer for the game here:


Looter shooter The First Descendant announces its release date in the trailer


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Increase the difficulty level individually

To what extent can the difficulty be increased individually? In The First Descendant, which has been called the baby of Destiny and Warframe since its announcement, you unlock a higher level of difficulty after completing the story. Some of these missions allow you to play with other players. These missions are called infiltration missions.

If you choose the higher difficulty level for the infiltration missions, you will have the option to add additional challenges individually. These will make your missions even more difficult if the higher difficulty level is not enough for you.


In the developer talk we already see the following options:

  • Reduce Descendant HP by 10%
  • Reduce firearm ATK by 10%
  • Reduce DEF by 10%
  • Opponent receives 10% more HP
  • Opponent receives 10% more ATK

What advantage does this bring you? Of course, it also gives you an advantage if you decide to select additional challenges in addition to the increased difficulty level. If you play at a higher difficulty level, you get points for defeating opponents. The more challenges you add individually, the more points you can get.

In the video we see that you have a score of 100% without selecting a challenge and 10% is added for each challenge selected. According to the video, with a total of five challenges you can therefore get a maximum of 150%. In addition to the higher points, the increased difficulty also means you get better and more loot. However, we don’t yet know exactly what this will look like.


Last year, the developers showed 17 minutes of gameplay of the new loot shooter The First Descendant. Many new elements were presented that had not been seen before. Find out what you can see in the video here: New shooter mixes Warframe and Destiny, now shows 17 minutes of gameplay – Coming to Steam, PS5 and Xbox

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