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In the middle of a $1 million tournament, a team throws out a former world champion



The “DreamLeague Season 22” tournament is currently being played in MOBA DOTA 2 (Steam). The prize money is $1 million, with the winner receiving $300,000. But in the middle of the tournament, the Tundra Esports team throws the experienced professional MinD-CotRoL out of the team. While fans puzzle over what happened, the player explains what led to his rough exit. He lost a power struggle within the team.

Who is this?

  • The Bulgarian Ivan Borislavovov Ivanov has been a player in DOTA 2 as MinD-ContRoL since 2013.
  • During his long career, he has won $4.7 million (via esportsearnings). There's really something to be gained in DOTA 2. He made most of his money at age 22, when he bagged $2.17 million when he won The International; the highly prized tournament in DOTA 2, which is equivalent to a world championship.
  • But the prize money has become significantly smaller since he was 24. The offlaner currently played for Tundra Esports.

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Fans initially think the news is a joke

This was the message now: Without much notice, the pro tweeted on February 26th that he was “kicked from the team shortly before a match.”

This caused a lot of surprise – something like that doesn't normally happen. At first people thought it was a joke.

The player had joined the team a month earlier, on January 8th.

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The team then issued a statement on the same day, February 26th Twitterthat the player had been suspended and an “internal investigation” was being initiated.

The player told the organization that he would no longer be with them until his “unreasonable demands” were met.

Professional gave ultimatum during power struggle and lost

What was the reason? The player then explained the situation during a livestream on February 26th. He said:

  • He lost his captaincy role in the team
  • The boss of Tundra installed a new coach – which MinD-ContRoL had previously spoken out against
  • Zai also became a player-manager – something he was against too

Because of all these decisions that went against his will and which he perceived as excessive influence, he gave the team an ultimatum – but they decided against it and fired him.

Well, one wonders from the outside what kind of outcome he expected after this ultimatum. If the team gives in in such a case, all authority is gone.

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