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In the new film on Amazon Prime, hillbillies with bows hunt tipsy city women



The action thriller “Fear the Night” with Maggie Q launched on Amazon Prime a few weeks ago. Is that enough for an entertaining evening of popcorn and excitement? That's what MeinMMO author Schuhmann says.

That's the idea behind Fear the Night: A group of childhood friends meet for a lively get-together in a house in the provinces, remote and far from their normal lives.


The friends used to be fat, but have now grown apart. At the center of the group is a trio of sisters:

  • Rose wants to get married
  • Beth wants to make sure her sister has a great party and takes everything a little too seriously
  • Tess is an alcoholic and traumatized Iraq War veteran who constantly seems annoyed by everyone and clashes with the other women.

A fight is inevitable when Tess is asked what she is doing today and she introduces herself as “Mister Miyagi with tits”: she teaches self-defense at a school.


Fear the Night German trailer

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As the alcohol level rises, the arrows fly in

How does the film get going? After Tess has annoyed everyone with constant warnings that something is wrong here, the party slowly gets going and inhibitions drop as the alcohol flows and the chef brings out sandwiches and rips off his clothes.


But a group of masked men appear and begin to brutally kill the members of the party.

“Die Hard – at a Bridesmaids Party”

That's what's special about the film: The most exciting situation is the panic of the women when they realize the hopelessness of the situation and Tess can only, against a lot of resistance, hammer it into them that they have slipped from their normal and secure everyday life into a situation in which it is a matter of life and death. Her normal reaction to Tess, to hiss vigorously at her and isolate her, no longer works here.


The women's scenes immediately after the attack and the change in group dynamics are the best part of the film. Thankfully, the killers remain completely inactive for minutes to give their victims room for their group dynamics.

Fear The Night then becomes “Die Hard – but at a Bachelorette Party” as Maggie Q takes charge.


Is the film worth it?? 90 minutes of action cinema is enough if you like genre films. The action thriller is well crafted and has strong moments. It's good home cooking, although in some situations you feel sorry for the inferior killers who act like they're dying to get stabbed.

How can you see? Fear the Night is on Amazon Prime. It is available in German.


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