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In the new MMORPG that Amazon brings, you transform into Godzilla and tear down castles



The most exciting new MMORPG scheduled to come to Europe in 2024 is called Throne and Liberty. It will be released for Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series X. NCSoft (Guild Wars 2) has released a new 3-minute video showing a powerful Siege Golem at work. There's something about it “Godzilla attacks Tokyo.”

What kind of MMORPG is this and when will it come to us?

  • Throne and Liberty is one of the biggest new MMORPGs from South Korea. It was in development there forever and is the latest installment in the large “Lineage” series – something like the WoW of South Korea.
  • Throne and Liberty was released in South Korea in December 2023. Amazon actually wants to bring it to Europe by the first half of 2024, but doubts have recently arisen as to whether they can keep the release date. Amazon is reportedly having problems with the console version.
  • The latest news about the MMORPG was that NCSoft is trying to put a stronger focus on PvE and is planning new dungeons here. But today we're showing pictures from the game's PvP, from siege battles.

The Siege Golems from Throne and Liberty:

Throne and Liberty: Introducing the Siege Golem

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One-man demolition company

This is what the new video shows: In Throne and Liberty, players have the opportunity to transform into a siege golem and intervene in fortress battles.

Players can purchase “Golem Slates” and transform into a Golem.

While you are a golem you constantly lose life and can only use your abilities. The transformation can be stopped at any time.

The video states that there are 4 different types of golems in Throne and Liberty:

  • The “Stone Crusher” is good at destroying walls and can cause a lot of damage to structures
  • The “Battle Carrier” serves as a carrier for an attack force and can carry allies and help them over the walls
  • The “Date Hammer” is a ranged attacker and loves throwing lava balls at fortresses
  • The “Jump Attacker” has the Hulk jump and paralyzes opponents when he lands

By the way, the English names like “Stone Crusher” can be heard just as untranslated in the South Korean version of the video.

This is what lies behind it: This looks like an exciting innovation in the MMORPG.

Although I can already imagine the discussion that the tank wants to play the cool “Stone Crusher”, but in the end the guild forces him into the lame, but certainly more useful “Battle Carrier”.

You can also see in the video that several golems attack a castle at the same time.

Well, I'm curious.

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