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Indie developer works on a game for 10 years, is thrown out of the trends by EA shortly after its release



An Indian developer finally released her game after many years and made it into the trends on Steam – but then came Electronic Arts (EA).

What game is it about? Potions: A Curious Tale was released on Steam on March 7, 2024. The game was developed by indie developer Renee Gittins and is, according to the company, an adventure crafting game.

You take on the role of the young witch Luna, who uses her home-brewed magic potions to solve puzzles and obtain additional ingredients from various monsters. The fantasy game is suitable for ages 6 and up and can definitely be understood as a so-called cozy game.

As Gittins revealed in an interview with the website, she actually started developing Potions: A Curious Tale a good 10 years ago as portfolio work. However, when the game attracted interest and support in her environment, she started a Kickstarter campaign eight years ago in 2016.

Here you can see a trailer for Potions: A Curious Tale:

The indie game Potions: A Curious Tale presents itself in the launch trailer

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EA knocks indie game out of trends with shadow drop

There is a list of popular new releases on Steam. Games that have recently been released and are already well received by players are listed there. The higher up a game is on the list, the more popular it is.

On reports Gittins in a post, Potions: A Curious Tale was pushed out of EA's list of popular new releases shortly after the game's release.

How did EA knock the indie game out of the trends? EA released eight games in the Command and Conquer series on Steam on March 7th. These are popular strategy games with base building and large battles.

EA also released the strategy games “Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri” and “Sim City 3000 Unlimited” as well as the role-playing game Dungeon Keeper Gold.

These are a total of 11 well-known and quite popular titles that had their original release years ago and have now all positioned themselves above the indie game in the popular new releases.

EA did not announce the release of the 11 games in advance – so the developer had no chance to bring forward or postpone their release in order to avoid EA's Steam offensive.

Gittins was really unlucky with their release and their indie game lost to 11 well-known competitors.

This is a fate that cannot happen to another indie game this year: Hades 2 – the success of its predecessor was too great. The sequel is scheduled to come in 2024: Award-winning action game has 98% positive reviews on Steam, the successor will start early access in 2024

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