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Influencers will stop supporting Xbox



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Much has been said about the future of Xbox in the last days. Over the weekend, reports were released mentioning that exclusive titles, such as Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, would eventually come to PlayStation 5. In this way, the community has reacted negatively to this information, alleging degree of personalities focused entirely on Xbox have stopped expressing their support for the brand.

On sites like YouTube and Twitter, multiple personalities who became popular by demonstrating their unconditional support for Xbox during the Console War, have begun to express their disappointment with the brand, to the extent that some no longer plan to offer their support in the future.

One of the most important influencers on this list is Klobrille, who has more than 158 thousand followers on Twitter, including Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and the Xbox PR team. Through a message, mentioned that he is considering abandoning his account completely. This is what he commented:

“The basis for being Klobrille has always been the trust and credibility of the brand I support and my enthusiasm for the path forward. These three are at their lowest point right now. I have made the decision, depending on what's next or its scale, to take significant steps back and reduce Klobrille's personality, or even retire it eventually. It's a process that started last year for me, I lack enthusiasm and energy for what's next, plus I'm changing my focus to other non-public things. You'll see when the time comes, but until then, this will probably be my last message here.”

Another notable influencer is Timdog, who has more than 82 thousand followers on Twitter, including Phil Spencer, and who He expressed his disapproval of seeing Xbox become a third-party developer. This is what he commented:

“Xbox could have killed Game Pass, let's say buy our exclusives and focus on our hardware, and that's 100 percent the better idea (than) SAY WE KILL THE EXCLUSIVES AND put Halo on PS5. Outrage would be half of it and guess what it could be like to have a healthy business again.

Nothing changes other than he no longer supported them like he did in the past. If you like being lied to, that's up to you. I have a set of standards, that's all.”

This doesn't end there, as KidSmoove, another Twitter user followed by Xbox executives, changed its Twitter banner to a logo that said “Fuck Xbox”and mentioned:

“Xbox is doomed to failure. (If) they expect PlayStation and Nintendo to buy Xbox games, they will be in for a rude awakening.”

With this, Multiple users have shared images where they prove that they have sold their Xbox and all its accessories, whether to buy a PlayStation 5, or to stop playing in general. Unfortunately, cases have also been reported where some players have threatened various Xbox executives and representatives.

“Yyyyyyy it's done, goodbye Series X.

Unfortunately, they don't accept the storage device at GameStop, so now I have a literal paperweight, but I got UFC 5 for my PS5 and $300 in Steam cards. See you later Xbox, it was a good race.”

For now, There is no clear idea of ​​what the future of Xbox will be. A special presentation focused on announcing the company's plans is expected to take place next week, but at the moment nothing is certain. On related topics, these are the games coming to Game Pass this month. Likewise, you can learn more about Spencer's statements about the future of Xbox here.

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Editor's Note:

This is childish behavior. Xbox will not stop making games, it will continue to be present in the industry and, although it is a possibility, at the moment there is no guarantee that they will stop making consoles in the future. All those who are taking this position of disappointment are clearly not interested in Xbox's commercial performance, which is clearly positive at the moment.

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