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IntensaMente 2 surpasses Super Mario at the Mexican box office |




Last year the movie Super Mario Bros. caused a sensation worldwide, not because it stood out in terms of plot, but because it was a production of a franchise that has become one of the largest in terms of popularity, and where this support at the box office was most noticeable was Mexico. And the film managed to raise just over half a million pesos in its first weekend at the box office, but that record has just ended, since a film by Pixar He just took the thunder away almost a day ago.

According to the site Exhibitor Relations Co.specialized in the analysis of global box office data, Mexico is the country with the highest grossing outside the United States during the first weekend, reaching 30 million dollars and surpassing 550 million pesos in its first days on the billboard. That indicates that disney he beat Nintendo for little more than 40 million pesosand establishing a new brand at least in these lands.

It is worth mentioning that there were even some problems in some cinema chains, which could not meet the demand of the people, and even had to apologize for certain refunded tickets or for the lack of space in the available rooms. . That indicates that the emotions tape might even want to win over Mario also at the world box office in Mexicoand there are still a few million left for Nintendo to also be removed from the podium.

Here is the synopsis of the film:

In Inside Out 2, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Fury and Disgust will once again find themselves immersed in an exciting and unexpected adventure inside Riley’s mind. Together, they must face emotional obstacles and learn to work as a team to maintain balance and help Riley find his happiness amid the challenges of adolescence and change. Even without an official version of the plot, it is known that emotions will explore new islands of personality and enter unknown territories, they will discover that personal growth involves accepting negative emotions and learning to deal with them in a healthy way. This animated sequel directed by Kelsey Mann will take us on an emotionally resonant and humorous journey, reminding us of the importance of emotions in our lives and how they shape our identity.

Remember that the film is now available in theaters around the world.

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Author’s note: The first film in the saga is very loved by people, so it was obvious that it was going to have a larger audience available. And we could consider Mario as a little more niche, but at least he holds the complete box office record.

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