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Is Splatoon 3 Side Order worth it?



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Splatoon 3 It is one of the best games you can get right now on the Nintendo Switch. The main campaign is simply phenomenal, and the multiplayer section will keep you entertained for years. Of these two, the one I spent the most time on was the story mode. This section offers multiple hours of missions constructed in such a way that they not only function as a tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know about Splatoon's systems, but also offer a series of very well-constructed challenges that will test your skill with the game. control. The single-player mode is packed with memorable moments for the series, spectacular music, and a satisfying progression system, and you can learn more about everything it has to offer Splatoon 3 in our review. Fortunately, this was not the end, since a few days ago it arrived Side Order, an expansion focused entirely on single-player mode, but now with a substantial change in gameplay. If you have doubts about this DLC, don't worry, because here I will tell you if this content is worth it or not.

Side Order It is part of the expansion pass of Splatoon 3, which not only offers this DLC, but also gives us the opportunity to visit Inkopolis, the main city of the original Wii U game. Don't expect much here, it is just a change of hub that, although it has enough charisma to differentiate it from the streets of Splatsville, it doesn't offer anything substantial to the experience. Fortunately, this is not a problem that is repeated with the second content that we find in this package. Side Order is a new campaign that leaves aside the specific challenges, and instead presents us with a roguelike mode that takes all the best elements of this genre, and combines them with the third-person shooting system and platforms that the series created offers us. by Hisashi Nogami.


This is a substantial change, and a very entertaining one. On this occasion, we assume the identity of Agent 8, that's right, the same one we originally saw in the Octo Expansion of Splatoon 2, who is transferred to a virtual world without prior notice. Here, we find Pearl in robot form, who is desperately searching for Marina. This mission takes us to investigate the Spire of Order, a huge tower that hides a dark secret. Without giving too many spoilers, don't expect Side Order offers a lot to the lore of the series. This campaign takes place in an alternate world that shows us what would have happened if Team Order had defeated Team Chaos in the last Splatfest of the second game. Overall, this DLC is a dream come true for those who invested hours and hours into the 2017 title.

Beyond its story, which is quite interesting and gives us the opportunity to interact once again with characters like Pearl, Marina and Acht, what draws the attention of Side Order It is its gameplay, since it substantially changes the formula to which we are accustomed. Our journey through the Spire of Order is more complicated than it seems. The objective is to reach the 30th floor, and defeat the villain of this expansion. However, if we are defeated along the way, we will have to start from scratch, and the interesting thing is that each game offers us new challenges. If you've played a roguelike in the past, you'll know exactly how this DLC works. Although the experience is not that long, since it will not take you more than two hours to reach the last floor and defeat the final boss, this is much more difficult to do in reality.


The progression in Side Order It does not break with the standards of the genre, but it shines by combining the elements that we already know, with the base systems of Splatoon 3 Before starting a game, you must first choose a weapon. Although at first you will only have access to a couple, as you defeat bosses, you will be able to obtain keys that unlock new cosmetic items and equipment of different classes. Along with this, Marina provides you with permanent improvements that will make your life much easier. These range from simply improving your defense, to increasing the number of lives you have on each attempt to climb the Spire of Order.

Once inside the building, each floor gives you the opportunity to choose one of three challenges, which vary in difficulty and objective that you need to accomplish. The interesting thing is that you also receive a chip, which provides you with a temporary improvement that you can only use in the game you are in. These range from general ones, such as increasing the power of your shots or resisting more hits, to those that are specific to each weapon. This allows you, for example, to have an umbrella that, instead of functioning as a shotgun, you can use as a much more traditional pistol, while still offering great defense.


The game places a great emphasis on customization and improvisation. The chips you find on each floor will vary between games, and it's always interesting to see what you can create at the moment. The third-person shooter system remains the same, but it is constantly evolving, to the point that there is always something new to try. With this, Side Order It encourages you to experiment by limiting the number of keys you can obtain to just three per weapon, so if you want to unlock all the new cosmetic items, you need to play over and over again.

Side Order It is great content, which will be liked by all those who loved the spectacular main campaign of Splatoon 3. However, the price can be a problem, since the expansion pack, which includes this DLC and the Inkopolis one, costs $500 pesos, something that can be an impediment for many, especially if they are good because, as I already mentioned , a successful game does not last more than two hours. Still, I highly recommend Side Order for fans of this fantastic game. All elements work wonderfully, and I'm not just referring to the gameplay, since the music and visuals are also impressive. It is the complete package for all inklings and octolings.

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