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Is the development of Marvel’s Wolverine in danger?|Atomix




Marvel’s Wolverine It is one of the most anticipated games of the coming years. Although Insomniac Games is not ready to talk about this title yet, multiple leaks have given us a glimpse into this project. Now, A new rumor has indicated that this development is in trouble.

Over the past few months, a group of radical gamers has started a hate campaign against a company known as Sweet Baby, who have been responsible for providing narrative support in games like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2and are currently involved in Marvel’s Wolverine. The hatred towards this company, according to these people, It is due to the emphasis they have given to diversityand it is these same users who have pointed out, in a ridiculous way, that Sweet Baby is ruining the work of Insomniac Games.

Recently, new leaks were shared from Marvel’s Wolverine, a game that is still in development and whose material should not be seen by the general public, where models of Jean Gray can be seen, which do not represent the final product. In this way, many have pointed out that Sweet Baby is responsible for the “unattractive” design of the Marvel character, even though there is no proof of this.

A simple search on social networks and reddit makes it clear that hatred has taken over the community, who have made senseless conjectures regarding a game that has not yet reached the market, accusing Sweet Baby of creating models of female characters that are “unnecessary”. attractive and masculine”, despite the fact that they have no relationship with this part of the development of a game. This Marvel’s Wolverine endangered? No. This is just an exaggeration.. On related topics, they leak a new trailer for this title. Likewise, more gameplay of this installment has been leaked.

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Author’s Note:

The way in which a certain sector reacts to this type of information is ridiculous. Yes, Sweet Baby is working on Marvel’s Wolverine, but they do not have the power to “ruin” the game. This is just a backlash from an upset community.

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