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Is the magic of Kingdom Hearts worth it on Steam?




A few years ago many were excited when Square Enix finally confirmed the arrival of the saga Kingdom Hearts in PCbut immediately afterwards, fans were instantly disappointed when they found out which platform, since it was neither more nor less than the Epic Games Store. I’m not saying that the latter is bad or anything, but it is not to people’s liking due to certain restrictions that are put in place, including the inability to add mods, which are mostly fun for those who try them.

Thus several more months passed until the company finally took the right step forward, and that was to mention, with everything and the new arrangement of Simple and Clean, that now players will be able to access these games in Steam, which changed that sad face into total happiness. And now as this note is being published, two compilations and one game are available in the store. Valvewhether for all those who are just joining the action RPG with Disney characters or for veterans who want to relive the saga with all the power of a PC.

Fortunately, the guys from square enix They have sent us the keys to all these games, this with the aim of briefly telling you if it is worth taking a look at all of them, or if it is worth waiting for another time when they have already introduced some patches. So come with me to this world where the battles of Sora, Donald and Goofy against the forces of darkness are our daily bread.

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What games from the series can I find?

To start, there are three files available in the stores. Steamthese are: KH HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX, KH 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and KHIII + Re Mind (DLC). Of which two of them are packages of past installments, the first has the most important games so to speak, the second a kind of prologue towards the third main installment, and the last lets us see the last important chapter of this brand, but not just that, given that it also carries with it the DLC that takes us a few steps from KH IV.

Now we will go into more detail because Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix carry with you the following: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts: ReChain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (cinematics), Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts: ReCoded (cinematics). This would be the package with which the new player should take the first step, since it brings the origins of the franchise, so there should not be so much problem with getting tangled with the story.

Then we have Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue which has within it: Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD and Kingdom Hearts Union χ (cinematics). This collection being the step to follow for the next game which is Kingdom Hearts 3 + Re Mindthe last important one of the franchise, because if we talk about continuity we should put in the equation Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memorywhich has not come out in Steam.

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Performance not to be feared

Regarding the performance part, which is the most important thing to consider, I must comment that everything is going correctly, but as in almost every version that is launched in Steam, at first it is a bit scary, since many important games have suffered from problems reported by users. However, it seems that Square Enix does not really like issuing returns, so everything they have worked on is noted in detail and they give us a product that can be adapted even to low-end devices.

The clearest example is on my machine, since I have a Asus Rog Stix with video card NVIDIA 1060 RTX and everything has gone very well, even when I started recording footage to test the computer; yes, doing a live gave me some problems but it is forcing the PC to give their full potential in extreme situations. So yes, if you have a computer that has a card from line 10 or above, you should be sure that you will not find problems, especially because a large part of the games are from the era of PS2 but with HD remastering.

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Something that you should consider is preferably having an SSD hard drive and minimum 300 GB of space, since all the titles take up considerable space inside the machine, but if you allow me to give you some advice, you could download one by one, finish it and delete it to install the next one, this way you will not be limited in space. It must also be said, the graphics customization options in the first two packages are not that great, since the game adapts to the resolution of your monitor, and you only have to select if you want FPS at 30, 60, 120 or freeyou should make this decision based on how you see the behavior of your PC.

To end, Kingdom Hearts III It does have more graphics customization, since you can move the shadows, aliasing, among other details, but to keep things simple you can go to the option at the top and place one of the different levels, in my case in “Medium” worked perfectly for me. So, if you have a similar card you may have to choose the same, but if you have a line 20 card you can easily raise it to “High” or “Advanced”.

In the end, no game has given me any kind of problem, except for Kingdom Hearts 2but that is due to details of the PC That I’m using.

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Is this a sign that Kingdom Hearts IV is near?

Thus we have reached the end of this small article with the impressions of Kingdom Hearts and its performance in Steamand the truth is we were left with a fairly positive impression, given that it runs very well for mid-range equipment onwards, so users of the line NVIDIA 10 We have not yet saved ourselves from becoming obsolete. However, it is possible that with the next major title we will no longer be able to see the program running stably, given that it is being developed in Unreal Engine 5.

Of course, we cannot forget the users of Steam Deckand at once we tell you that the performance of everything is competent, so yes, you will be able to play it on a laptop without problems.

With the surprise arrival of these games we already have the doubt if Square Enix is ​​preparing the ground so that we will soon see Kingdom Hearts IVwe will see that in the following months to come, with a possible announcement that occurs during an event such as the Tokyo Game Show. We will have to wait and see if the dream finally comes true and we will have to sora back in less time than we can imagine.

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