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Japan enters a state of emergency over a cat | Atomix



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On March 11, 2024, the city of Fukuyama, Japan, went on alert, since a radioactive cat He began to wander the streets of this city, putting the lives of all its inhabitants in this town at risk. This happened after the feline fell into a tub full of carcinogenic chemicals.

According to local media, it all happened after an employee at a chemical plant in Fukuyama discovered cat footprints near a tank with materials harmful to humans. Upon reviewing the security cameras, it was revealed that A feline fell into residues of hexavalent chromium, a carcinogenic substance that can cause skin inflammation.

Immediately, the chemical plant informed the police, as well as the population of Fukuyama, who were asked to stay away from this cat, since it could cause serious problems for all those who touched it. However, Environmental authorities have indicated that the feline may already be dead after being subjected to the chemicals.since the body of this animal has not yet been found.

Several days after this incident, there have been no reported cases of people interacting with the radioactive cat, and the directors of the chemical plant have indicated that They have no plans to improve their security to prevent cases like this from happening again., since this is the first time something like this happens. On related topics, they prohibit talking about Palworld in Japan. Likewise, Japan's most famous model cosplays as Android 18.

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Editor's Note:

It is a rather bizarre case that, fortunately, did not end with a tragedy for a country that has had serious problems with chemical plants in the past. However, what is most striking is the fact that the owners do not plan to do anything to prevent this case from happening again.

Via. El Universal.

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