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Jim Parsons will return as Sheldon



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Although the last episode of The Big Bang Theory aired in 2019, Sheldon Cooper's character had his own spin-off, although now with a younger actor. For all fans of this production, it has been revealed that Jim Parsons will reprise the role that brought him stardom in the final season of Young Sheldon.

The end of Young Sheldon is coming, and through a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Parsons revealed that he will reprise the role of Sheldon for the end of the prequel series. This is not all, since Mayim Bialik will also appear once again as Amy. At the moment it is unknown if we will see other actors and recognized characters in this conclusion. This is what Parsons commented on the matter:

“It was wonderful, even more than I expected. One of the reasons he was so excited is because the script is so beautiful and the way they include us in the show (Young Sheldon) is very beautiful. I hope everyone agrees with me. Returning with Mayim to a world in which, in reality, we are guests, and returning to these characters, who are now a little older, is a completely different experience

It just felt different. After the first reading of the script, we went to the set to get familiar. We thought it was like putting on an old pair of shoes, and it was, but it took us an hour or so to get there. I was thinking 'Do I still know how to speak this way?' “It was a little strange.”

For fans of The Big Bang Theoryit has been revealed that this universe will not come to an end yet, since another series focused on Georgie and Mandy, parents of Sheldon Cooper, raising her new family in Texas once her son leaves for college, is already in the works. Likewise, rumors have indicated that a production headed by Raj, played by Kunal Nayyar, could come to Max in the future.

For now We can only wait to see what will happen at the end of Young Sheldon and the return of Jim Parsons to this role. On related topics, another spin-off of The Big Bang Theory would be on the way. Likewise, the actress from the original series has not seen a single episode.

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Editor's Note:

The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon They are not to my taste, but I cannot deny the cultural impact that these series have had over the years. It will be interesting to see if its popularity is maintained in the future through spin-offs, or if this is only momentary.

Via: Entertainment Tonight

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