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Koji Kondo's voice is inside Super Mario Bros. Wonder




Several months have passed since the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wondera new way to approach the two-dimensional gameplay of the plumber of Nintendo, finding levels that can change out of nowhere so that users are not stuck with conventional design. And within this title there is a very particular element, that is the medals that grant skills or sales to users, although there are also some that are simply collectible to reach 100% of the archive.

One of the medals is named Sound Off and has something unique, as it replaces all the sound effects seen in the game with a voice that appears to be human, which is a wink that such a complexion does not fully appreciate. To obtain it the process is not simple, since the player must find and complete each special world level, collect each wonderful seed and flower coin, touch the top of the flagpole at the end of everything and complete the Final-Final Test: Marathon level badge.

With all this, the player can become worthy of the medal, but that is when they will wonder what is so special about him, and nothing more or less has revealed that. Shiro Mouri en the last GDC. Commenting that the person behind the mystery is Koji Kondo, who for those who don't know him, has been one of the most consistent composers at Nintendo. Creating melodies like that of Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox 64among others that have remained in the ears of fans.

It is mentioned that the idea for the Sound Off badge came from a concept cut from Wonder. Kondo had an idea for a Mario live action with human proportions that would walk through levels and hum the music in the background. Idea that turned out to be too strange and difficult to implement, which led to it not being implemented, but part of the idea is still on the Sound Off medal, so it's worth checking it out and getting it as soon as possible.

Remember that Super Mario Bros. Wonder Is available in Nintendo Switch.

Via: Gonintendo

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Editor's note: It will be a good incentive to complete all the levels with secrets and the flag. Let's hope that Mr. Kondo returns in the next Mario games, since he hardly participates in them anymore.

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