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Last Epoch aims to be the best game in the genre



Last Epoch has enjoyed great and surprising attention since its release. Many players flood the servers and shower the developers with feedback on the Hack&Slay. In keeping with this, the developers have now revealed new plans for future content and you should be happy about them.

What is Last Epoch? Last Epoch is a new hack & slay from the developers “Eleventh Hour Games”. In the game you will find yourself in the world of Eterra, which is divided into different timelines. The future has been thrown into ruin and your job is to change the past so that the world of tomorrow has a chance.

The game was made available to all players with Update 1.0 on February 21st. However, fans want to know what happens next and the developers have a clear answer.

You can find a brief overview of the classes and battles in the launch trailer:

Last Epoch: The ARPG shows classes, battles and challenges in the launch trailer

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More endgame content, better items and eliminating bugs

What have the developers revealed? The developers have announced new information regarding future content in their latest Last Epoch blog post (via First, many patches and QoE updates will be released in version 1.0.

The focus is primarily on fixing many bugs that players reported to the developers via the official report function in the game. Fixes will be released weekly to make Last Epoch one of the best games the genre has to offer.

In addition, the monolith will be expanded, new itemization options, more boss content, class and balance updates, campaign content and more will be added.

Update 1.1 will add “top content” or difficult fights. This content offers more challenge and could be considered a harder endgame. The developers haven't revealed anything more about this top content, but the update isn't very far in the future. More information will be released by the developers as the release approaches.

If you are looking for a change from Path of Exile or Diablo 4, then Last Epoch would be the right option for a change of scenery. At first glance, Last Epoch seems more complicated, especially if you're coming back from Diablo 4, but our hack & slay expert Benedict Grothaus can reassure you: Last Epoch sounds really complex if you're coming from Diablo 4 – but it's easier than it is looks

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