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Leak reveals a new Turok




The series of Turok is one of the most beloved by gamers who grew up with a Nintendo 64. However, beyond a couple of remasters, this property has remained silent for more years than many would like. Fortunately, it seems that this would change in the future, since a leak indicates that a new Turok game is on the way.

Today, EpicDB, a database similar to SteamDB, arrived in the hands of the public, and here it was discovered that Saber Interactive is working on a new Turok game. Unfortunately, at the moment there are no specific details about this project.

Considering that Saber Interactive has been responsible for making completely new ports and experiences in recent years, The next Turok could well be the next step for the series, or a remake of the original installment. Taking into account that this is a leak, at the moment there is no official information about it.

Let us remember that Turok is a series that we mainly associate with Nintendo, Therefore, the possibility that this new installment will be revealed during the next Nintendo Direct is not ruled out.. On related topics, you can learn more about the Epic Games Store leak here.

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Author’s Note:

A new Turok is something that would be interesting to see come true. Although it is a lot to ask, I would love to see something similar to what was done with DOOM (2016). This may be impossible to achieve when it comes to FPS, but Saber Interactive is able to achieve something visually impressive.

Via: ResetEra

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