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LEGO announces event to celebrate Mario Day




For those who do not know the celebrations in the world of video games very well, for some years now the day of Mario or “MAR10 Day”, which for obvious reasons takes place on March 10th and gives us news about this beloved character from Nintendo. And although the company is the first to remind fans that the date is approaching, there is an allied brand that aims to provide interesting news, not about video games, but about toys considered collectible.

Through a video and also a statement, the franchise of LEGO has mentioned that they will have a special broadcast next March 9, which aims to celebrate plumber's day with surprises that fans have wanted to hear, especially those who consume their products. And it goes without saying that Nintendo and they have been allies for a couple of years, with releases of several sets that include beloved characters like Bowser, Luigi, Peach and more recently, Donkey Kong.

First announced in 2020, the collaboration between Nintendo and LEGO marked the first time that the famous characters and worlds of Super Mario They became interactive and customizable construction sets. These sets offer a unique experience where players can build and play in environments inspired by games. Super Mario using interactive figures and special electronic devices.

It is worth mentioning that the collaboration is still more current than ever but it has moved on to more big N franchises, since a couple of days ago several sets of Animal Crossing, so it will be a blow to the pockets that consume this type of products. With that in mind, the rumor that something is coming The Legend of Zelda could be real, specifically it is the Deku Tree of Ocarina of Time.

Via: Gonintendo

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Editor's note: For now, many characters from the franchise are already available in the LEGO format, but there are some that have not yet been invited to the party such as Rosalina, Daisy, Wario and Waluigi, so there are the possibilities to launch more plastics on the market.

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