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LoL fines 17-year-old for wearing the wrong shoes on stage



In League of Legends, a professional player in the US LCS league was fined $5,000 for wearing Crocs shoes. But it turned out to be a stroke of luck for his team.

Who was punished?

  • It hit the player Rayan “Sniper” Shoura, a 17-year-old Canadian. The young man plays for 100 Thieves on the top lane in the LCS.
  • Sniper was considered a LoL prodigy: Even at 12, Sniper was a number 1 challenger. He made headlines in 2020 because Cloud9 illegally signed him as a 14-year-old – they weren't allowed to do that.
  • But when he was 15, he got a contract with 100 Thieves and made a name for himself in the youth team by winning 17 games in a row. He has been allowed to play with the professionals since November 2023.

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Pro wears open-toed Crocs – should pay $5,000 for them

What was he punished for? Sniper wore Crocs on stage, but because his toes were visible in the Crocs, it was a violation of Riot Games' “Uniform Rules” and was fined $5,000.


The rules for LoL games require players to wear their team's official uniform, pants, and shoes that cover the toes.

lol crocs
It's already noticeable.

Crocs takes the penalty, enters into partnership with the team

This was the reaction: 100 Thieves let it be known on Twitter that they had contacted Crocs. They then covered the $5,000 fine.

At the next match, the entire 100 Thieves team appeared wearing Crocs, but with closed shoes.


The LoL professionals once again let their excellent acting talents shine:

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Crocs and 100 Thieves have now formed a partnership. That's probably clever marketing.


The e-sports team “100 Thieves” has a special position anyway. The team is heavily influenced by influencers; their boss, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, comes from the scene himself.

In addition to her e-sports successes, 100 Thieves is best known for her fashion line. They are into fashion and marketing and sometimes come under criticism:


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