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LoL players talk about champions they just can't win against



In League of Legends, players discuss their personal nemesis champions that they never seem to be a match for, even in situations where the game is going well for them.

Who does not know it? League of Legends has champions that can frustrate even the most experienced players. It's frustrating when you're supposed to be dominating a matchup and your team is well positioned, but you still lose in lane to a specific champion – your personal nemesis.

In a recent thread on Reddit, players shared their feelings about champions that they always seem to lose to, even when things are going well for the team.

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Players talk about their personal arch-enemies, to whom they almost always lose

Renekton – Topplane

The Reddit thread starts with a player named P9Hunnit who prefers the toplane. He said that regardless of the favorable match-up, he always feels defeated in lane duels against Renekton. Even if Renekton isn't that strong, P9Hunnit always loses to him. Even if he wins the game in the end, the first 10-15 minutes would be pure stress for him.

What makes Renekton strong? He is particularly strong in the early game. His abilities allow him to make aggressive trades and deal damage quickly. He can put you under a lot of pressure and gain advantages. Renekton is overall dangerous in 1v1 duels and has great snowball potential. His mobility through his E Cut and kick allows him to quickly deal damage and escape.

Nilah – ADC

What do the players say about Nilah? The top comment with 100 upvotes refers to the ADC Nilah. WolfgangTheRevenge writes: I'm a jungler, but my second role is ADC and I've really never won against a Nilah.

  • RellenD also writes that he plays ADC himself but doesn't know what Nilah actually does.
  • Ch0nkyK0ng emphasizes: As a Caitlyn main, I don't think I've ever LOST to a Nilah. But yeah, it makes the mid/late game very strange.

What makes Nilah strong? Nilah has an incredibly low pick rate if we're talking ranked. According to, their pick rate is just 2.2%. Many players probably don't know how to play against it because it isn't played often. Nilah gains additional experience when she last-hits the minions and can boost and share the healing and shield power of allies near her.

If she gets through the laning phase well, she has good snowball potential. Her W gives her movement speed and can dodge incoming attacks (kind of like Jax). All allies she touches with the veil also receive the effect. If you use the ability well, it can be very powerful. Her Ultimate (R) can also be used to perform good team CC combos.

Vladimir – Top/Mid

What do the players say about Vlad? Vladimir is also often mentioned as a personal nemesis. Efficent_Key6859 writes that he would always withstand all attacks and would rock the teamfight, even if he lost in the laning phase. Some also write that they just always ban him.

What makes Vladimir strong? The fact that he can withstand so many attacks is mainly due to his strong sustain tool – especially his passive Crimson Pact and his Q, which allows him to continually regain HP as he deals damage.

Over the course of the game he can do high single-target damage as well as decent AOE damage in team fights with his ultimate and his E. He scales well and becomes a late-game monster. At the same time, he can use his pool (W) to protect himself from damage and easily withdraw from the fight.

What other champions were called that? In addition to the three champions listed, other champions that have proven to be personal nemesis for some players were also mentioned, including Zed, K'Sante, Kled, Malzahar, Zyra, Yone and many more.

Do you have a personal arch-enemy that you never feel like you have a chance against? And do you have any tips for players? Feel free to write it to us in the comments

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