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Lost Ark: Huge new patch is here



The new June patch has been released in Lost Ark. It brought a lot of new things and adjustments, including the first new Kazeros raid and a new continent. MeinMMO tells you the details.

What are the highlights of the update? The newly released patch Summer heat brings the new area of ​​South Kurzan. Unusual events occur throughout Arkesia. A red and foul-smelling red liquid corrupts the sea of ​​Gienah.


It is feared that this could be a sign of the return of the demon lord Kazeros. Researchers in Arthetine have examined the Substnaz and determined that it comes from Kurzan.

With an item level of 1,580, you can head to Southern Kurzan, where Kazeros was once sealed in Mount Antares. New quests, new NPCs, and rewards such as titles, achievements, cards, and emotes await you there.


The makers of Lost Ark are working on a new MMORPG. You can watch the trailer for Lord Nine here:


Lord Nine’s first gameplay trailer could also belong to Lost Ark

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First Kazeros Raid: Echidna

What else awaits me? South Kurzan also brings the first of the new Kazeros raids into the game – with two portals and new enemies as well as new mechanics. You have to complete this series of raids in order to finally face Kazeros himself.


In the Echidna Raid, you fight in groups of eight and your main opponent is Echidna, the former commander of the Greed Legion. Echidna was betrayed by Vykas (at the time a lesser demon in Echidna’s service), who took her place. Now Echidna is back in Arkesia after a long time.

  • Required item levels: 1,620 for normal difficulty, 1,630 for hard difficulty

Old, new feature: Allied forces

What is this new feature? The Echidna Raid introduces a new mechanic: Allied Forces Skills. These allow raid leaders to summon various allied NPCs (including some Star Messengers) in battle to support their group. This feature is a new variant of the Star Messenger skills you already know from the Valtans Legion raids.

How does this work? There is an Allied Skill Gauge that fills up when certain battle conditions occur. Up to five slots on the gauge can be filled. Players can use Allied Skills once three slots are filled, and only the Raid Lead can activate these skills.

  • When an NPC is summoned, it uses a powerful allied ability
  • The raid leader can give an additional command during the fight, causing the NPC to use his one-time support ability
  • However, this ability requires an additional slot in the skill display

New progression system for your equipment

What does the new system do? With the new progression system Advanced Amplification you can improve your equipment in new ways. Equipment items can be hardened and then reinforced with special materials that you get in the Echidna Raid. The system offers up to 20 reinforcement levels.

  • You can read exactly how it all works in the patch notes on the official Lost Ark website

What else is in the June patch? In addition to the major features, the Summer Heat Update brings numerous other improvements and content, including:

  • New Event: Chaos Rush Part II
  • Season 5 of the Trial Rena (MSR values ​​get a soft reset)
  • New Ark Pass (available June 26th)
  • Emotes that you have chosen in the community:
    • Karadign – Goblinkoko
    • Nyaffie – ArtistCaught
    • Gureum – NinevehPopcorn
    • Grate – MokokoDead
    • Lupical – EchidnaWow
  • Class balance changes
  • New events and skins
  • New Jukebox Songs

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The patch notes for the classes can be found on the next page.

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