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Ludwig sells his company to employees for $2 so he can’t sell it to Amazon for millions



The well-known YouTuber “Ludwig” sold his company for $2 and explained that he already had enough money.

Who is the person you are talking about? Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren is a 28-year-old American YouTuber.

  • Ludwig is a former player and commentator of “Super Smash Bros” and was a successful streamer on Twitch
  • In 2021, Ludwig moved from Twitch to YouTube and has over 5.8 million subscribers on his main channel. His videos regularly reach hundreds of thousands to millions of viewers
  • Ludwig is now known for major events such as chess boxing

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Sold for $2 because he already has enough money

What kind of sale is this? Ludwig has announced that he is selling his company “offbrand”.

offbrand is an agency that takes care of the planning and production of digital events. The events implemented included a dodgeball tournament and the Streamer Awards 2024.

In videos on YouTube and Tiktok, Ludwig explained that he had sold offbrand to the company’s employees for $2. Until recently, he was the owner of the company, but now it is run cooperatively by the employees. Everyone who works at offbrand now has the opportunity to have an equal say in what happens at the company.

According to Ludwig, money or success played no role in the sale of the company. He will continue to work for the company, but will no longer be the owner. He believes this is the best way to create a stronger and happier work culture and a sustainable company.

I was the largest owner of Offbrand. I put the most money into it, and… as you know… that’s how corporations generally work. Whoever puts up the most capital gets the biggest share. But I thought, ‘What am I going to do with all of this equity? What’s the goal?’ Is it so that when I retire at some point, I can cash in and get a big payday? No! (…) I made a ton of money. So much that I don’t think twice about buying a $4,000 tungsten cube. And for me personally, I feel like when you have that much money, you’re fine. I feel like I don’t need more.

Ludwig talks on YouTube about selling the company for $2

On TikTok, Ludwig also added that he can no longer sell the company to companies like Amazon for millions of dollars. After all, he is now just an employee and no longer an owner.

You can see Ludwig’s TikTok video here:

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With the sale comes a new department

In the YouTube video, Ludwig also explained that offbrand will be getting a division called offbrand Games. This will be a “game publishing studio” whose first game will be the fighting game “Rivals 2” to be released in 2024.

In addition, Ludwig announced that content creator and former Blizzard employee Jason Thor Hall aka PirateSoftware will become the strategy director of offbrand Games. This could prove to be a good omen for the company, as Hall has already managed to grow his own channel enormously within a few months: Former Blizzard employee grows on Twitch by more than 1,000% in 3 months because he doesn’t check a box

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