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In the world of video game streaming, players have taken challenges to the extreme, demonstrating exceptional skills and commitment to their viewers. One of these notable challenges is the one undertaken by the streamer MajinPhilwho set out to complete The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 100% without receiving any damage. This impressive feat not only demonstrates exceptional skill in the game, but also a deep knowledge of the title and mastery of its mechanics.

This achievement has been carried out in a mini marathon that required 10 hours of the users' time, with some quite demanding rules on the part of the streamer himself and also the public, including not using the shield at any time to defend himself, in exchange He had to dodge every attack from the enemies. In fact, the last part with the final boss of the game was the most critical and where he was almost hit, but he was saved and as a result completed the title without being hit.

Here is the fragment of his achievement:

To finish Majora's Mask without receiving damage, MajinPhil He had to master every facet of the game: from combating enemies to navigating the complicated temples and dungeons. This required a deep knowledge of game design, as well as a detailed understanding of combat mechanics, character movement, and resource management.

It is worth mentioning that this joined another of his feats, as he has another run in which he passes this same game with any percentage and also without receiving hits. Of course, there are glitches involved to skip certain events.

Remember that you can test the title using Switch Online with the expansion pass.

Via: Gonintendo

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Editor's note: They are runs that only few can achieve, and of course, they do not touch another title on which they are focused. I wish I could take the time to train like this but in Super Mario 64, I'd like to complete it without taking a shard of damage.

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