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Mark Zuckerberg thinks about the Apple Vision Pro




A few days ago, the Apple Vision Pro were finally launched for sale, devices from the brand created by Steve Jobs that are betting on something totally innovative, since they are viewers that give you the perception of being inside the desk. a Mac. And although they are an interesting experiment, we must not forget that projects like Goal Quest They arrived much earlier, and that is why the president of the company, Mark Zuckerberg has come out to talk about the competition.

According to what has been mentioned in a new publication, the owner of Goal He has been disappointed with this device like many people, since it has not worked either for entertainment purposes or for productivity, which were two things that were ensured since its conception. And I had this in order to make comparisons with the Meta Quest 3 of your company, mentioning what is better, period, pointing out options such as compatibility of Xbox a higher view ratio.

Despite the latter's higher resolution screen, Zuckerberg believe that he quest 3 It's better than headphones Manzana for the vast majority of things AR/VR headset owners typically use their devices for. As mentioned, the compensations he made Manzana to get the high-resolution screen far outweigh the positives, so there's little point in costing more than $3,000 USD if you're going to have other noticeable flaws.

On the other hand, he admitted that he liked the eye tracking option of VisionPro and promised to return to future viewers Goal Quest adding that this originally debuted in the Quest Pro. He also highlighted that Quest 3 has a better library of immersive content, despite the fact that the latter has more than 1,000 space applications and more than 1.5 million compatible applications, so he wants to make it clear to people that the option that The best thing for them is their product on the market.

Via: Techspot

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Editor's note: It is definitely better to buy the Meta Quest 3, since even the games are designed for the device in question. Not even the PSVR2 of PS5 are that good when it comes to virtual reality video games.

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