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Massive Arkham Knight update arrives on Switch|Atomix



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Batman Arkham Knight on Nintendo Switch it is considered one of the worst ports available at the moment. When this installment arrived on the hybrid console, not only did the performance leave much to be desired, but a series of glitches and bugs were reported that ruined the experience for more than one. In this way, many were eagerly awaiting an update that would be able to remedy this situation. Well, This has finally arrived, but even with its large size, there is not much worth it.

The most recent update for Batman Arkham Knight It is now available on Nintendo Switch, and weighs 16 GB. At this size, people expected all the bugs here to be fixed. However, this is not the case, as it has been reported that there are still frame rate problems, and some glitches are still present.

Although patch notes are not available at this time, it has been discovered that performance when using the Batmobile has improved slightly, and the errors that appeared when collecting a Riddler trophy have decreased, although it is still impossible to complete it completely. this mission, since a black screen appears when delivering this villain to the Gotham Police Station.

Everything seems to indicate that, unlike other ports that seemed impossible, Batman Arkham Knight it's a lost case. Even with a series of improvements, there is not much that can be done. This goes beyond simply the technical performance of this title, but there are glitches and bugs that were not present in the original PC release, which also suffered from a number of problems at the time. On related topics, here you can see the new look at the Batman Azteca movie. Likewise, check out the official art of the Batman: Beyond movie that we will never see.

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Editor's Note:

It is sad that a game so loved by many has a poor quality port. Worst of all, are those who have never experienced this series, and the Switch is the only console they have. It is a real shame, and something that, we hope, will not be repeated with the next Nintendo console.

Via: Nintendo Life

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