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Massive layoffs reported within EA




The beginning of 2024 It has been complicated in the video game industry, as layoffs have been reported left and right, something that we have seen with companies like Microsoft and even PlayStation, with massive amounts of people who will stop providing their services to companies. And now that things were thought to be a little calmer, it seems not really, as Electronic Arts is joining the trend of letting some of the staff go in order to maintain stable profits.

As reported by a note that can be seen on the official site of the owners of Dead Space, Andrew Wilson (CEO), It confirms that 5% of the employee workforce will be fired, and to be more specific, there are approximately 670 people who are leaving the company. But that's not all, because in the statement they make it known that some games they planned will be canceled and that they will try to no longer make licensed titles, with that a very specific doubt arises.

On the other hand, they mention that their franchises will not have problems. Here is part of what was said:

This increased focus allows us to drive creativity, accelerate innovation and double down on our greatest opportunities, including our intellectual property, esports and massive online communities, to deliver the entertainment gamers want today and tomorrow.

This was followed by a comment clarifying that the layoffs only go to some specific teams:

Our main goal is to provide team members with opportunities to find new roles and paths to transition to other projects.

With the information in mind, it is possible that the franchise Star Wars: Jedi is in danger, after all it is a franchise that belongs to the giant disney. Speaking of the mouse precisely, not long ago some video games were confirmed with characters from Marvel as Iron Man and Black Pantherand that leads to the question of whether these projects fall into the cancellations section or if they are going to be maintained due to contract issues.

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Editor's note: It seems that the industry is letting go of many people within its ranks, the strange thing is that everything coincides with the season in which they hold their finance conference with investors. But it may just be a very lucky coincidence.

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