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The HBO Max update has finally arrived MAX in Mexico, a change that does not go much further than the content, since the interface simply turns blue and the font has alterations, and as part of this, the question was kept in mind as to whether the discounts would still be applicable. And so, they have confirmed to us that users will be able to continue paying less to have the streaming service, which is being nourished as the months go by with original series and high-caliber additions.

We speak clearly about Meli+Well, for those who don't know, Free market offers a discount to those who have this service that gives many benefits, including selected free shipping and access to the combo of Disney+ and Star Plus. Thus having a way for users to see more services where it is also Paramount+so it is a proposal that many have chosen to take instead of entering directly to the page and paying more to follow fewer steps.

It is a discount of approximately 30% of the membership that initially costs $199 MXN, so thanks to this you will pay $139 MXN, something that can be beneficial for those looking to watch a series or movie exclusive to this service. Furthermore, as with a direct contract with MAXit can be made clear to Free market that there will no longer be automatic renewal if the client so wishes.


What has been done is that it is simply a move without any type of notable change. Added to that is that there is no trial month for MAX, but the user can consult the complete catalog before making any type of transaction. It should be remembered, everything is done through Free marketand you have to have hired Meli+ to qualify for the 30% discount.

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Editor's note: The truth is there are no changes, only the name of the platform. I would have liked to have had that paid lifetime membership for 70 a month, but the truth is that I hardly use the service. See you until the second season of The Last of Us arrives.

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