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Last year, many video games were launched worldwide, which in turn have been published by international companies, which in turn collect data on their games in terms of the score given by the press on large sites such as Metacritic. . And now, the 10 companies that were best criticized by the press and the public are announced, obtaining results that attract a lot of attention, especially due to the fact that there are two major absentees.

According to what was reported, Capcom is positioned as the undisputed queen of the contest, having an average of 84.5 given by the games that came out under her leadership, including renowned projects such as Resident Evil 4 and Street Fighter. For its part, we also have the Mega Man Battle Network compilation, and also the game that surely kept the company from reaching a 90 on average, Exoprimalwhich although not a bad experience, much more was expected in terms of entertainment and quality.

Here you can see the list with the best 10:

– 1) Capcom – 84.5

– 2) Raw Fury – 79.1

– 3) Chorus Worldwide – 77.6

– 4) Dangen Entertainment – 77.6

– 5) Annapurna Interactive – 80.2

– 6) Nintendo – 79.5

– 7) Aksys Games – 78.5

– 8) Bethesda Softworks – 80

– 9) Sega – 78.8

– 10) Thunderful – 79.1

Something that should be commented is that greater weight was given to Metascore average of the games, but also took into account the percentage of titles rated with good reviews (that is, with at least a score of 75), the percentage of products rated with bad reviews and the number of “great” games released. It is surprising that now Sony has moved up to 13th place after having dominated 2022 with games like God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden Westthe same case for Microsoftwhich did not help him much Forza Motorsport.

In 2023 Capcom launched very good products. However, there seems to be no resident Evil this year, and although Dragon's Dogma 2 is being loved, it seems that it will not be enough to keep the company at the top of the list, at least in 2024.

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Editor's note: Capcom has been showing off with what it releases in recent years. And although 2024 may not be his year, it is possible that 2025 will be his revenge, since more Resident Evil is expected and the new Monster Hunter is practically confirmed to arrive only in the new generation.

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