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Metal letter will be sent to the moon by NASA




NASA has recently announced an innovative project that seeks to establish a potential link with extraterrestrial life forms. This project involves sending a metal used in the manufacture of cell phones into space, along with information about the Land and humanity. It aims to leave a lasting mark on the cosmos, offering a record of our existence and culture to any intelligence that can find it.

Who will make the possible order will be Europa Clippera ship that will be launched towards the star at the end of 2024. Interesting items are included, from the names of 2.6 million people to a poem and a record highlighting the connection of the Earth with Europe. The purpose of the mission is that possible extraterrestrial life can find the message, thus being another possibility of having a first connection with supposed races that live in other places in space and that also have the possibility of traveling.

Something that should be highlighted is the inclusion of the portrait of Ron Greeley, one of the founders of planetary science, whose efforts to launch a mission from Europa 20 years ago laid the foundation for the Europa Clipper spacecraft. And they want to have water as central, including as mentioned in various languages ​​used on our planet. And see if extraterrestrial people have a word that is close to different languages.

The metal selected for this intergalactic expedition is tantalum, a crucial element in the manufacture of electronic devices, including cell phones and computers. The choice of tantalum is not only due to its common use in modern technology, but also its physical properties that make it corrosion resistant and extremely durable, making it an excellent candidate for surviving in space for long periods. of time.

In short, sending metal used in cell phones into space with detailed information about Earth and humanity marks a significant milestone in our efforts to establish contact with possible extraterrestrial life forms. This unique project, driven by curiosity and the desire to transcend the limitations of our world, represents a valuable testament to our endless search for knowledge and connection in the universe.

Via: Europa Nasa

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Editor's note: What people should invest in is precisely in trying to make more leaps to new planets instead of spending their budget on more banal things. It remains to be seen if at some point someone from outside Earth finds those messages and decides to make a peaceful visit.

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