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Mexican game catches the attention of Hideo Kojima




During the weekend, an event of video games made by people from Latin America was held, which showed many interesting products from people who are part of the continent’s community, so creations by Chili, Argentina Brazil, among other countries. However, there was one that caught a lot of attention, part of a team of Mexicothis to the point that he himself Hideo Kojima He was very interested in the project that covers an important historical event.

The game title is The War in Chiapas, developed by Bandprice, which will cover the so-called “Chiapas Conflict” of the eighties that was very popular in the country, and which will now have this pixel art point of view that is common to use in independent video games. Many users have been interested due to the topic it portrays and as already said, the creator of the franchise Metal Gear Solid is one of those people, or at least it shows in a publication of Twitter.

Here is the description of the game Steam:

The War in Chiapas is a fictional story inspired by true stories, set in the eighties in the jungle of Chiapas, Mexico. A group of brave young dissatisfied and idealistic people decide to create an armed movement to generate a new revolution.

The player takes control of a small group of rebels who go into the mountains, thus forming a guerrilla that will recruit new units to form an army. However, it will not be an easy task, since convincing people to join their ranks requires a lot of effort. In addition, a new and fierce unknown paramilitary group is trying to eradicate any rebellious social movement discreetly and with impunity. The confrontation seems imminent and also very unequal since the enemy is much superior in weapons, resources and personnel.

It is a STEALTH video game with action and strategy, a fictional story that takes place in a real place and context.

For now there is no release date for the game and it is only confirmed in PC.

Via: Twitter

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Author’s note: In short, it is a game that attracted attention in the presentation on Saturday, so we will have to follow its trail until its release. It’s good that someone is finally breaking out of the mold of creating titles about ancient civilizations.

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