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MFS and DOOM would also be cross-platform



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After weeks of speculation, yesterday it was confirmed that four first-party Xbox games will be available on Nintendo Switch and PS5 in the future. Although they have not been revealed what they are, they have been pointed out to Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of ​​Thieves and Grounded like those selected on this occasion. However, these would not be the last, since a new report has indicated that Microsoft Flight Simulator and the next DOOM would also reach other consoles.

According to The Verge, Microsoft Flight Simulator, the next DOOM and the Gears of War series could be available on Nintendo and PlayStation consoles. Although at the moment there is no final decision for these games, the possibility of this happening in the future has not been ruled out. In this regard, Phil Spencer pointed out that we should not close the door on the possibility of seeing more multiplatform titles published by Xbox. This is what the manager commented in an interview with this medium:

“I don't think that, as an industry, we should rule out a game going to another platform.

To ensure long-term success for both Xbox and the industry as a whole, we must continue to evolve. Today we announced that we will be expanding communities: we are currently in the process of bringing four Xbox games to other platforms.

These are titles that have been available to Xbox players for at least a year, including hidden gems that deserve a broader experience and live service games whose communities will benefit from welcoming even more players. We will share more details about these titles soon.

By bringing these games to more players, we not only expand the reach and impact of those titles, but will also allow us to invest in future versions of these games or elsewhere in our own catalog. “There is no fundamental change to our approach to exclusivity.”

In this way, it is clear that the possibility of seeing some of these three series on more consoles in the future is something that should not be ruled out, especially when we talk about DOOM, since all the titles in the franchise are already available on PlayStation and Switch. On related topics, Diablo IV It will not reach all Xbox Game Pass users. Similarly, Phil Spencer talks about the absence of Helldivers II on Xbox.

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Editor's Note:

Of these three series, the one with the best chance of reaching other platforms is DOOM. The idea of ​​​​watching Microsoft Flight Simulator on PlayStation is something that sounds very strange. For its part, Gears of War is also something that could happen, but I don't see this happening in this generation.

Via: The Verge

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