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Microsoft and Google lay off hundreds of employees



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Despite the constant success that companies report, it seems that this is not enough to avoid personnel cuts. In information that already seems quite common, it has been revealed that Microsoft and Google have carried out hundreds of layoffs in recent days.

According to Reuters, both Microsoft and Google have carried out hundreds of layoffs in their respective cloud areas, something that not many saw coming, since these departments were created to ensure a positive future in this industry. However, It seems that with the advances in artificial intelligence, companies have changed direction, affecting their workers.

Although the exact numbers are unknown at the moment, Reuters has noted that each department has suffered more than 100 layoffs so far. At the moment it is unknown how much this will affect the plans that Microsoft and Google have for the cloud market.but considering the efforts each has made in artificial intelligence in recent months, it seems that this move won’t hurt their futures much.

Let us remember that artificial intelligence has taken on greater importance in recent years. This was the same thing we saw with the cloud a couple of years ago, It is very likely that this story will repeat itself in the future, when the technology industry finds another small gold mine for itself. On related topics, this is Microsoft’s new Surface Pro. Likewise, Google wants to limit blocking extensions.

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Author’s Note:

This is a real shame. So far in 2024 alone, Microsoft has laid off more than two thousand employees, and Google has also done its part to leave hundreds of workers out of work. This can’t go on like this, it’s a horrible thing that I hope this is the last time we hear of this.

Via: Reuters

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