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Microsoft delays the launch of the new Windows 11|Atomix




Originally, it was planned to be available on June 18 Windows 11 24H2, the new version of this operating system, which would have support for Wi-Fi 7 and other advantages. However, it has been announced that this will no longer be the case, since one of the company’s biggest novelties has caused an unexpected delay.

According to Techspot, Windows 11 24H2 has been delayed indefinitely. Although at the moment it is officially unknown what the reason behind this decision is, Windows Recall has been pointed out as the main responsible for this. For those who have not heard about this software, its function is to take screenshots of everything we do on our PC. The problem is not only the possible violation of user privacy, but possible security breaches have been reported that endanger the user even more.


Due to all the problems and concerns that Windows Recall has caused, The company has chosen to delay the launch of this software, Therefore, this program is pointed out as the main responsible for what is happening with Windows 11 24H2. However, this is not all, since the operating system also suffers from poor performance on PCs with this version of the operating system, problems with VPN networks, application freezing, and more.

Fortunately, not everything is with this operating system, since beyond the artificial intelligence functions, Windows 11 24H2 offers compatibility with Wi-Fi 7, with HDR in the background, Sudo for Windows, Rust in the Windows kernel and more . Now we just have to wait to see when all this will be available. On related topics, you can learn more about Windows Recall here. Likewise, it has been revealed how long a Windows XP PC lasts today.


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Author’s Note:

This is good news. While the implementation of artificial intelligence seems inevitable, the company has to ensure that security breaches are not possible. If this is not achieved, then Microsoft would face a severe problem.


Via: Techspot


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