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Microsoft Gaming talks about its multiplatform strategy




Since the beginning of the year, Xbox has taken a different path in terms of the titles developed for its consoles, since they confirmed the appearance of four of them for other platforms, two of them landed on nintendo switch 2 and all for PlayStation 5. With that in mind, the United States media has contacted Matt Bootypresident of game studies and content Microsoft Gamingthis to have an interview and know the results of that decision.

Important topics were discussed, such as the reception of the last event, which can be considered one of the best in years for the company, also about the layoffs that were taken into account. Tango Gameworks and other divisions, but above all the question of bringing games to other companies. Above all, it has been discussed if they have future plans to launch more in the future, or if everything is finished with the four already launched.

Here is part of what was mentioned:

We’re starting to hit the pace we’ve always aspired to, and that’s really our commitment to our players, to be able to deliver a much more consistent cadence of games at a more predictable pace. Fan and press reaction to the showcase has been extremely positive, with praise for the number and variety of first-party games shown and scheduled for the coming years.

Adding how their games have fared in performance on other sites:

We are very pleased, when Sea of ​​Thieves launched on PlayStation 5, the teams also saw an increase in engagement from Xbox and PC players, while also sharing that a large number of PlayStation players were enjoying the game in cross play. This success grows the franchise overall, allowing the teams at Rare and Xbox to continue investing in the game.

It goes without saying that Phil Spencer In other interviews they have mentioned that they are analyzing case by case to launch more games on multiplatform, so in the end, the four that we saw at the beginning of the year are not the last.

Via: Windows Central

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Author’s note: More games will definitely arrive in other places, one of them was already announced without anyone noticing much, and it was DOOM The Dark Ages, which also comes to PS5 on day one, even though Bethesda belongs to Microsoft.

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