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Microsoft Rewards would be about to disappear




The users of Xbox They have many console applications among their favorites, but Microsoft Rewards has become the inflatable, since it allowed users to accumulate achievements to obtain points from the store and also join as a community when meeting specific objectives. However, changes cannot be missed, and unfortunately in the coming days what has been called the weekly streak will disappear, but that does not have to worry the followers at all.

According to a message displayed in the application, Microsoft will stop posting tasks and offers next month, and weekly set and streak quests will end starting on April 15, 2024. However, it has been announced that the change will be made to the rewards center and the company has reported that one of the new activities that will arrive at the center is a new version of streaks, which will begin next Monday March 25th.

Here is part of the statement:

With the new Rewards Hub and in-game activities coming to Xbox, we will no longer be running offers in the Microsoft Rewards app on console starting in April 2024. This means the current Weekly Bundle and Weekly Streak in this app will end. starting April 15. 2024.

We're excited to bring the Rewards hub with new activities to Rewards with Xbox, and we hope to provide even more ways to earn Rewards in the future.

This may come as part of the series of changes that have begun since the first month of this year, since it began somewhat rudely with the layoffs of almost 2,000 employees, all from different divisions where they were not necessary for the pace of work of this moment. For its part, it is expected that some kind of integration of Game Pass will be made to the rewards, but for this we will have to wait for the new point collection implementation to be made.

Via: True Achievements

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Editor's note: It will be a relief for followers to know that they can continue with the rewards without having problems along the way, since it has become a tradition to complete the weekly streaks. We will have to wait a little longer to find out about the updated operation.

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