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Minecraft has finally arrived on the PlayStation 5




Minecraft It is available on almost all modern consoles. One of the few platforms that evaded Mojang’s work was the PlayStation 5. Fortunately, this has changed, since A native version of Minecraft for Sony hardware is now available, although not in the way that many wish, at least for the moment.

Through a new statement, it has been confirmed that beta testing of Minecraft on PlayStation 5 they are now available. The only thing you need to do to access this version is to have a copy of the PlayStation 4 version installed on your console, go to the Settings section in the title menu, and then select Preview. This is what Mojang commented on the matter:


“This preview includes the new Tricky Trials update, so you can venture into the trial chambers, craft a mace, and more, all while trying out a version of Minecraft designed for your console! Since this is a pre-release version, we’ll need your help to look for bugs (and we’re not talking about the silverfish that appear in test players) as well as to gather feedback.”

Yes ok Minecraft is now available on PlayStation 5, This is a trial version, so you can expect a couple of bugs, and cross-play is limited to Sony consoles only.. However, eventually this title will arrive on this platform, although at the moment it is unknown when this will happen. On related topics, Netflix is ​​working on an animated Minecraft series. Likewise, you can now visit the Minecraft-themed Oxxo.

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Author’s Note:


It’s good to see that Minecraft It is now available on PlayStation 5, but there is still a long way to go before it is fully available. An open beta for the public is interesting, but there is still a lot that is missing, such as cross-play with other consoles.

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