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MLB The Show 24 is a disaster on Nintendo Switch |




It recently went on sale MLB The Show 24, a new installment focused on the sport of baseball that is managed by Sony, and that over the years has been seeking a space among the most popular titles of the genre, this to be the reference in terms of the discipline of hitting a ball with a bat. And for that to happen, PlayStation had to open the franchise to other horizons, which is why in recent years it has also been put up for sale in Xbox And till nintendo switch.

Speaking precisely about the hybrid, users have reported that they bought their copy on this platform, but along the way they have encountered some problems. Numerous long threads on the game's official forum at reddit and the official website is full of players reporting that the game continually crashes for them. Especially when they play special modes like the Diamond Dynastywhich prevents them from continuing the game.

Here are some examples of malfunctions:

Just a quick shout out to anyone looking to pick up MLB The Show 24 on Switch. It is currently not working properly and there is no communication about it. Most modes take you directly to the Switch home screen when you select them.

Here more comments:

– Twice now, in the middle of a game, the game completely crashed and returned to the board closing the game completely.

– A similar problem. It crashed five times during the Conquest games. Super frustrating, I haven't been able to play or progress any affinity with the team. I have fixed all the problems and nothing works. I hope they solve this now.”

– This has also happened to me several times, each time during the Conquest game. I keep feeling bad every time I score more because I feel like I'm extending the game and increasing the chances of getting kicked, so I want to finish the game as quickly as possible.

There is no solution yet but someone on the development team is aware of the problem:

Thanks for your reports. We are aware of the issue and are actively working to fix it, but we do not yet have an estimate of the solution.

With that in mind, users should take precautions if they want to purchase MLB The Show 24. Available in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Editor's note: With this they show us that Nintendo Switch is already falling a little behind compared to other systems on the market, well remember that even PS4 is more powerful than the console. It is time for the successor to be revealed and continue with third-party games.

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