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Model creates outfits inspired by Dragon Ball



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After the loss of Akira Toriyama, thousands of fans have looked for a way to honor the work of this mangaka. We have already seen works of art and messages in memory of him. Now, A young woman has shown us a series of outfits inspired by Dragon Ball characters.

Through his Instagram account, lexwipp, who has won the hearts of thousands of fans for his cosplay and costumes inspired by anime characters, shared a series of office outfits that you can wear to not only look spectacular at work , but to make clear your passion for Dragon Ball.

As you could see, these costumes use the traditional colors of each Dragon Ball character, like Goku's orange and Vegeta's blue, with the aim of showing us that fashion and anime are quite close. On related topics, fans create mural in honor of Akira Toriyama. Likewise, a Dragon Ball theme park is already under construction.

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Editor's Note:

Fashion and anime are more related than one might think. Many mangakas take contemporary styles into consideration to design their characters, and always pay attention to the way their characters dress, in order to create eye-catching designs that are capable of connecting with as many users as possible.

Via: lexwipp

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