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Monopoly GO! get free dice in March 2024



To play in Monopoly GO! There are different methods to get free dice. We have the current dice links for you here and explain how else you can get more free dice.

There will be new dice links from Monopoly GO every day in March 2024! with which you can collect free dice. We regularly update this article with new links that give you dice.

Update: We updated the article on March 21, 2024 at 10:05 a.m. We added more cube links and removed expired ones.

Monopoly GO! current dice links for free dice

What are Dice Links? By clicking on these dice links you will receive free dice. For it to work best, you should open the app on your smartphone and then click on the links.

Dice links from March 20, 2024

Cube links from March 19, 2024

Update March 20th: We have five more cube links from March 19th that were made available in the afternoon:

What do you need dice for in Monopoly GO? The most important resource in Monopoly GO! are the dice. You can use them to move around the playing field and collect other resources such as money and event currencies. The dice charge over time, but are still quite limited. But there are other ways to get new dice.

Didn't receive any dice? These are the causes

The link doesn't work – why? If the links don't work for you, there could be various reasons.

  • The links only work once, you cannot redeem a link twice.
  • The links can only be redeemed from level 15.
  • The links expire after a short period of time. We regularly update this list with new redemption links.

By the way, you can have more dice than your dice limit allows if they come from the links. So you don't have to worry about exceeding your limit.

Error messages and what they mean

If you get the error message: “Sorry – This reward has already been claimed“, you have already used the cube link. It is not possible to use it a second time.

If you get the error message: “Sorry – This reward cannot be claimed“, the link you used has already expired. The cube links are only active for a few days, then they can no longer be used.

Receive dice from friends? This is how you get even more dice

How can you still get dice? You can also get free dice when you invite friends to the game. To do this you have to press the friends symbol at the bottom right and then press the invite button. There you can invite up to 10 friends and receive 330 free dice.

You can get more dice by connecting your account to Facebook. You can also see this below when you press Friends.

Monopoly GO!  Interface showing where to get free dice.
Red: The shop with the free gift – Blue: The friends menu

You can also get a gift from the shop every 8 hours. To do this, press the shop button below your level and you will find a gift ready to be picked up at the top of the carousel. Dice can also be included in this gift.

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