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More gameplay of Marvel’s Wolverine on PS5 leaked




Last year PlayStation suffered one of its hardest blows in years, and that was the leak of many of the development files into the hands of Insomniac Gameswe talk about his next big game, Marvel’s Wolverinewhich is presumed to be linked to the world of Spider-Man. This by some hackers who threatened sony with making their files known in case they were not paid an established amount, and since the transaction was not made, the result was December 2023.

Since that moment, more game material has begun to be released frequently, something that unfortunately can no longer be avoided, and in that period we have seen what the movement of the main character himself will be like with different powers and other abilities to unlock. This has been the case a few hours ago, as an additional video has been shared on Twitterand this gives us access to another beta-style stage in which there is movement around the city and even the appearance of some NPCs.


Here you can see it:

From what can be seen in the video, the displacement is similar to that of Spider-Man, Only here you cannot fly for obvious reasons, in addition to the fact that the character will use his claws to be able to climb buildings and scale walls as appropriate in each mission. Added to that is the fact that you can see a bit of the combat, which could presumably be handled with precision to receive the least possible damage and be accompanied by movements worthy of a member of the X-Men.

Remember that Marvel’s Wolverine is in development for PS5there are still no plans to have an official look from sony.


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Author’s note: It is already a game that we want to try, since it will be a perspective of the world of heroes and above all with a more serious touch that fans will like. We will surely see a new trailer until the end of the year, no complaints but let’s hope it launches in 2025.


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