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Netflix manages to partner with Expedia




Over the years, one of the most annoying functions came to Netflix, and that was the implementation of commercial advertisements in the programs, which has been the displeasure of consumers, since precisely the absence of these was what differed from television. However, it does not seem that this basic payment plan is going to change, they have even found a fairly well-known company to partner with so that things flow much better with this aspect of interrupting content.

As reported, Expedia Group will be your new global advertising partner, with a plan to place ads during 2024 with effective results. Teamwork will also help this company continue to expand and make a name for itself, because although it is already rising in reputation, it still needs more promotion. And since they are experts in this type of work, Netflix will not see the need to do much except to have prior talks with those who want to advertise.

The beginning of the collaboration will be neither more nor less than in Japanbut plans to go to more territories such as United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and Brazil. Basically to address the most important consumption markets of the streaming platform. This will eventually ensure that everyone has applied advertising and thus money will flow more effectively.

The advertising president of Netflix, Amy Reinhard, mentions that the merger will offer users a way to consume advertising in an alternative way to what happens in video formats, although it is not mentioned how different their execution will be, since in the video of the Japanese campaign you can notice a commercial similar to another context. However, it seems that the plan to follow has been agreed upon, so those interested in consuming only the content will have to go from the basic service to the standard one.

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Editor's note: It is very possible that the arrival of more ads will make people upgrade to the platform's most expensive plans, and yes, it may be unfair that before with $100 MXN you could have access to the entire catalog. However, the production of shows is more demanding, so prices must be leveled.

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