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New details about Hollow Knight: Silksong




Five years have passed since the revelation of Hollow Knight: Silksong. The content began as just another DLC, but quickly evolved into a sequel, and fans were excited at the time. However, we have had no new official information since its revelation, which has led fans to speculate that the development is facing serious problems. Fortunately, it appears that this is not the case.

Recently, one of the testers who tested Hollow Knight: Silksong, known as Graig, shared interesting information through Discord. Here he mentioned that the development of the sequel is not stuck in a “development hell”, i.e. Team Cherry is moving forward little by little with this project, without any major altercation.

Notably, Graig has mentioned that Team Cherry constantly sets internal dates to provide progress, but these deadlines are usually not met., something that is normal in any development, especially an independent one. It is important to mention that the insider is not part of the development team, so it is likely that he does not have access to more precise information about what is happening with this title.

Let us remember that during the first half of the year we saw a series of hints at a possible revelation during the summer events. However, In no presentation did we have a look at silksong, so the developers remain silent about their project. Fortunately, and as made clear Metroid Prime 4: Beyondwe should never lose hope, since more information about the sequel could arrive at any time.

At the moment, We can only wait for Team Cherry to share more details about Hollow Knight: Silksong, something that could happen at any time. On related topics, fans are disappointed with the series.

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Author’s Note:

Let’s remember that Team Cherry is an independent studio, who, on this occasion, seem to be faced with the harsh reality that their ambitions have grown so much that they have become a problem for some. While I don’t think the game ends up being bad, there are clearly a couple of issues that need to be addressed first.

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