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New faction would be on the way to Helldivers 2




Although it is no longer making as much noise as it did a few weeks ago, the video game helldivers 2 It continues to be a trend for users who do not stop trying this creation by Arrowhead Studios, and that is due to the constant updates that are released in this software. And although users already have the enemies that have been put in front of them at bay, it seems that they will not be all the dangers that they are going to face in the first active season.

Recently, users have seen strange blue lasers flying across the sky. Others have recorded clips showing the mysterious ones shooting and exterminating players with a single bullet. For this reason, they are convinced that these blue projectiles are a sign of a new enemy faction, or at least that is what is thought, given that those in charge of developing the video game have not given any clues, much less directly indicate that this is true.

For those who are not so clear, in the original game there were three factions, of which they have taken two for this game, bugs and bots. For its part, the mysterious alien race known as The Illuminatedor it hasn't arrived yet. They are a race of advanced aliens known for using shields, robots, AI, and blue energy weapons. That is the reason that leads us to people's thoughts about the incorporation of the faction in the next few weeks to come.

Here a video:

The creators have answered fans' doubts, commenting that these lasers are not real and that they cannot affect anyone, so they should not worry about what they see on the screen. It was not as direct a comment as it was in the case of the Mechas, so on this occasion it could be true that they have no plans to add the third race of enemies. We'll see over time if they decide to make such an important change.

Remember that helldivers 2 Is available in PS5 and PC.

Via: Kotaku

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Editor's note: We could consider this game the best PlayStation multiplayer in quite some time, since nothing beat factions from The Last of Us, not even the original PS Vita release. However, it feels like this release will provide a lot of active time in the future.

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