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New game on Steam looks like an incredibly successful building game from Germany, but you play as a space cat



A new game on Steam is reminiscent of village romance at first glance. However, you play an almost divine cat who is building his own world to bring back extinct humanity.

What game is this about? Nekokami: Relaxing World Builder is basically what the name suggests. A relaxed building game on Steam, whose gameplay at first glance is reminiscent of the successful German building game Dorfromantik from 2022.

The release is announced for the second quarter of 2024. However, you can currently take a look at the demo version Nekokami: Internship.

In Nekokami you build a new world as a space cat

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What awaits you? In terms of gameplay, Nekokami is definitely reminiscent of village romance. Here, too, you have to put different hexagons together and build a new landscape piece by piece. Various tasks and challenges await you that need to be completed.

Unlike Village Romance, in Nekokami you slip into the role of a cat. Yes, you play a cat in space who builds new places on different planets. Because in the future, cats will be the rulers of the universe and have made it their mission to build a new home for the extinct humans and to manage it.

In order to fulfill your important task, you must earn the respect of the Kami – the nature spirits. Because ultimately you are just a simple architect who can borrow the powerful powers of these spirits in order to create new worlds, so to speak, in a god-like manner.

Graphically, the game wants to impress above all with a hand-drawn style. Everything is based a bit on actual architecture from world history and different cultures. In addition to smaller huts, forests and rivers, you could also see desert areas and pyramids in the video.

Unlike Village Romance, interaction with other cats will also play a role in Nekokami. You can see in the video how you communicate with your colleagues and receive tasks or information from them.

What's also interesting here is how the Kami fit into the gameplay. For example, you can see in the video that if you gain the respect of a certain Kami, it starts to rain. This rain then creates lakes and rivers in your landscape.

In addition to the targeted planning of your landscape, this aspect brings an interesting variety to the genre.

Steam: New building game wants to let you experience your cities instead of just looking at them

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