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New game revealed for Switch 2



switch 2

We know little about the successor of the nintendo switch, but there are already a couple of games in development for the console. One of these was recently announced, and it is Ultimate Hunting, a title that uses the Unreal Engine 5, and will be available next on consoles and PC.

Through an official statement, the first details of Ultimate Hunting. This is a hunting simulator in Africa, which has attracted a lot of attention because of how realistic it looks. something that has been achieved thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 5. Along with this, the experience will offer options to enjoy alone or in company everything we can do here.

Ultimate Hunting will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC at some point in 2025 and, according to Go Nintendo, delivery will also be available on the Nintendo Switch successor at a later date. Now, considering that this title uses Unreal Engine 5, it is likely that the port will be quite different because, as far as we know, the new Big N console is not compatible with this graphics engine.

However, this could well change in the future. The Switch can run games with Unreal Engine 4, so It doesn’t sound so far-fetched that Nintendo’s next console will be compatible with the new Epic Games graphics engine model. We can only wait to have more information about it. On related topics, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond It will be the last Switch game for many. Likewise, a new Zelda Switch Lite is on the way.

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Author’s Note:

These games that have been announced so far are experiences that, despite giving us a glimpse of what is to come, do not greatly represent what the successor to the Switch will truly be. We will have this information until next year.

Via: Go Nintendo

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