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Bluepoint Games has become one of the most important PlayStation studios. Thanks to its work on remasters, the public has had the opportunity to experience some of the company’s classic titles. However, His next project will move away from this, to offer us something original.

In 2021, after the release of the remastering of Demon’s Souls, the studio revealed that their project would be totally original, something atypical for the team. Although three years have passed since this statement, we have not had more details about it, so many have wondered if this plan still stands. About, Peter Dalton, the head of technology at the studio, has decided to clarify the situation of this group. This is what he said about it:

“Nothing has changed since our statement that we are working on an original title. Everything takes time. We are committed to honing our skills!”

Thus, It is clear that Bluepoint Games remains committed to the idea of ​​a completely original project. While the talent of this team is undeniable, it is one thing to work on remasters and remakes, and another to build a game from scratch. This process takes time, and PlayStation is willing to give this proposal a chance.

Considering the talent at Bluepoint Games, Even if their original project fails, it is very likely that Sony will not close the studio, they just wouldn’t have as many options to experiment with. On related topics, here you can learn a little more about the studio’s new work.

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Author’s Note:

It will be interesting to see what Bluepoint Games can do from scratch. The studio has a lot of potential, and the work they have done with the remasters is very well done. I just hope it’s not a commercial failure.

Via: Peter Dalton

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