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New information about Hollow Knight: Silksong



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Hollow Knight It hit the market in 2017, and immediately became one of the most acclaimed independent games in recent years. The popularity of the title became so great that when a sequel was announced, this new installment was positioned as one of the community's most anticipated titles. However, five years after this, we still do not know when Hollow Knight: Silksong will reach our hands. Thus, the developers have finally spoken on this topic.

Through his official Twitter account, Matthew Griffin, responsible for marketing and publishing Hollow Knight: Silksong, was in charge of answering a couple of questions for all the fans who are waiting for information about this new title. Here, confirmed that the sequel is still in development. This is what he commented:

“The launch of Crowsworn is still a long way off.

And there is no need to worry; Silksong is still in development.”

Unfortunately, no further information was shared about it. Let us remember that Hollow Knight: Silksong It was announced five years ago. Since then, the public has eagerly awaited more information about this title everywhere, but their search has yielded no results.

Until now, we know that Hollow Knight: Silksong It will be a metroidvania starring Hornet, one of the characters we saw in the first title, who has a series of specific movements. We can only wait for more information to become available, something that could happen at any time. On related topics, here you can learn more about this title. Likewise, this was the last update given on this development.

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Editor's Note:

Hollow Knight: Silksong It will come when it has to come. There is no reason to doubt the work of Team Cherry. The team showed great talent with Hollow Knight, and I am more than sure that the sequel will be a delivery that surpasses his previous work in all possible aspects. However, I also understand all those who can't wait to get their hands on this title.

Via: Matthew Griffin

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