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New MMORPG with fantasy elements offers huge PvP battles, now reveals its release date



Night Crows Titel title

The MMORPG Night Crows has been available in Korea since April 2023. Now the Wemade team has revealed when the title will be playable in the rest of the world. Accordingly, it should be ready next month.

What is Night Crows?

  • The game world is set in medieval Europe with fantasy elements. The story takes place in the 13th century. We can fly through the game world with the glider and climb over roofs.
  • The focus of the title is on PvP. There are huge battles with 1,000 players and an action-packed combat system that is used both on the ground and in the air.
  • However, the PvE mode is not neglected. There are huge bosses that can be defeated with other players.

The development team advertises photorealistic graphics thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 5. In a trailer we were already able to see for ourselves how realistic the game world really looks:

Night Crows in-game trailer

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Night Crows reveals its release date

When will Night Crows be released in Germany? Night Crows is scheduled to be released on March 12th at 7:00 p.m. From then on, those interested can download it either for PC or mobile. Cross-play is supported between the two versions.

Anyone who registers for the MMORPG in advance can win exclusive goodies. If you enter your email address on the official site, you will receive the Night Crows Silver Wolf, the “A New Journey” event, 500,000 gold and a chest to help you get started.

Additionally, there is a special glider called “Night Crows Black Wings” available to those who pre-register in the store.

What does the title have to offer? The title offers a total of 4 character classes, which are divided into 8 different subclasses:

  • Warrior: Two-handed sword
  • Warrior: Spear
  • Warrior: One-handed sword + shield
  • Swordsman: Twin Swords
  • Hunter: Bow
  • Hunter: Dagger
  • Witch: Staff
  • Witch: Magic wand

The MMORPG also relies on the blockchain economy. The developers advertise tokens, NFTs and Omnichains based on the WEMIX blockchain. For example, characters will be available as NFTs and certain items such as diamonds will be available as tokens.

Before the Korean release, it was not yet clear whether the NFT elements would be integrated into the game. The developers feared that this could lead to financial problems. But the team was able to earn 1.4 million euros per day with the MMORPG, which is why the global release is now approaching.

But as history has shown, cryptocurrencies are not always a safe investment. Therefore, it remains to be seen how the MMORPG performs in the rest of the world.

If this point about NFT technology doesn't put you off, you can look forward to March 12th. Alternatively, there are plenty of other MMORPGs that might be worth the wait: All 65 MMORPGs currently in development for the PC

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