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New season of Black Mirror confirmed




Last year was one of total glory for the Netflix platform, given that we had the premiere of One Piece, a series that has won the applause of millions of people around the world, and that leads us to the fact that more episodes are already being prepared to fulfill the wishes of the fans. For its part, there was a return that perhaps didn't make the biggest noise in the world, and that was another season of Black Mirrorwhich after four years of absence has arrived with more chapters that mix thriller and technology.

With the low reception compared to its peak seasons, it was thought that the franchise would not have more episodes but apparently not, given that a new image has been released on networks in which they make it clear to us that much more is planned. content. Mentioning in advance that the next wave will be six stories, adding that there will be one that will be familiar to viewers, so a plot that has been left in the air could be picked up.

Here the teaser:

Something worth mentioning is that users will have to wait a few months to be able to enjoy the new stories, since they put the release year on 2025. And if everything fits with the 2023 season, it is possible that the release will not arrive until the summer or shortly after, the aim is not to get involved with Stranger Things 5.

Here the description of Black Mirror:

It is a television series created by Charlie Brooker. It is characterized as a science fiction anthology that explores the relationship between contemporary society and technology, as well as the possible side effects of its excessive or malicious use. Each episode of the series presents a standalone story with a different cast of characters, set in a different universe but connected by recurring themes such as alienation, surveillance, control and the unexpected consequences of technology.

Throughout its seasons, it has tackled a variety of complex and disturbing topics, including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, social media, online privacy, media manipulation, and more. The series often presents dystopian or futuristic scenarios that serve as a mirror of today's society, provoking reflections on the ethical and moral impact of technology on our lives.

Remember that you can see all its seasons through Netflix.

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Editor's note: I really like this series, and although it is noticeable that the quality of the writing is gradually decreasing, it is fun to have episodes with strange moments that people enjoy. Eager to see more content related to technology and also drama.

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