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New survival game reminiscent of Rust, but with the Terminator constantly chasing you, coming to Steam, PS5 and Xbox



Terminator: Survivors will be released in October 2024. In a first trailer, developer Nacon roughly introduces the world in which you play – namely after Terminator 2. Not much is known yet, but the scenes so far are reminiscent of the survival hit Rust.

What kind of game is this?

  • The open-world survival game takes place after Terminator 2: Judgment Day. You are survivors who have to cope in the destroyed world after the machine apocalypse.
  • You collect resources to ensure your survival, build bases and fight against the machines whose mission is to wipe out humanity.
  • To do this, you loot abandoned gas stations, supermarkets and farms. In the first trailer, the world looks a bit like the destroyed island from Rust, one of the best survival games ever.

When does Terminator: Survivors come out? The survival game is scheduled to launch in Early Access on Steam on October 24, 2024. A version for PS5 and Xbox should also come, but later.

How long early access will last is not yet known. So far, the information about Terminator: Survivors is limited. But there are a few details about the gameplay.

You can see the trailer for Terminator: Survivors here:

Terminator: Survivors – The official trailer introduces the world and shows the Terminator

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You have to survive somehow, but the Terminator doesn't want that

The main thing in Terminator: Survivors is that you use the materials you find to build a base for the surviving people. You can play alone or in co-op. We don't yet know how many players can play together.

The big threat in the survival game, however, are the machines, although the developers only refer to the Terminator in the singular several times. So it's quite possible that you'll only encounter one Terminator roaming the world, but several other “Skynet machines.”

The game is also supposed to play on the fact that the apocalypse is still quite recent. Accordingly, it is first of all a matter of survival of the fittest, which means: other people are also competition.

The developers also promise that you will meet well-known characters from the franchise. However, it is not yet known what exactly these are. Probably John Connor, who is currently organizing the resistance.

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